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Ercole Conforti
Criminal lawyer specialized in criminal labor law (accidents and occupational diseases), criminal liability of doctors and health facilities and economic criminal law, in particular corporate, bankruptcy and IT crimes.
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Università Cattolica di Milano – Master’s Degree in Law


Ercole Conforti is a founding partner of LFC Studio Legale. Since 2000 he has been carrying out his professional activity in the field of Criminal Law of the Economy.

Since 2004 he has been a member of the Milan Bar Association.

During his professional career Ercole Conforti has acquired particular skills in the field of economic criminal law and, in particular, in corporate, bankruptcy and cyber crimes. He has dealt with crimes against the Public Administration, culpable crimes for violation of the rules for the protection of health and safety in the workplace, as well as environmental crimes, following criminal trials for culpable disaster and water poisoning related to the management of landfills. He participated in the trial for the collapse of the “Polcevera” bridge (so-called “Morandi bridge”) in Genoa and for the collapse of an overpass on the A14 Italian motorway in Ancona. He also has extensive experience in assisting doctors in criminal proceedings for malpractice.

Ercole has assisted the top management of numerous multinational, chemical, pharmaceutical companies operating in the telecommunications, infrastructure and medical equipment manufacturing sectors, as well as directors and managers of banking institutions involved in criminal proceedings that have had great media coverage.

He carries out consultancy activities – always in the area of ​​corporate criminal law – for Italian and international companies operating in the pharmaceutical, telephone and chemical sectors.

He has been a speaker at the “Two-year course of technique and ethics of the criminal lawyer for the qualification for official defense” of the Criminal Chamber and the Milan Bar Association, as well as in the course of preparation for the examination of lawyer organized by the Free Forensic Association.